Vaginal burning after $ex: Why does it happen and what to do

Having $ex can bring on a lot of pressure but what if you experience pain at the bottom part of your vaginal opening after intercourse? It can feel like a paper cut, it can be burning, it can hurt when you pee or when it hits water.

Well, if that’s the case, you might be experiencing something called a fourchette tear!

For those caught unaware, the fourchette is the bottom part of your vulva at the bottom of the vaginal opening. It’s the point where both of the lips join together and it is a very thin piece of tissue, which can tear very easily.

In her latest Instagram video, Dr Tanaya Narendra aka dr_cuterus, reveals two major ways on how one can avoid vaginal burning and enjoy a healthier $ex life with yourself and with your partner. Come, watch the video here:

How to avoid vaginal burning after $ex

1. Use a lubricant

The first one is using a lubricant. She suggests trying unflavoured water-based lubricants, available in the market or online. Using a lubricant make things more slippery and allows the penis or the $ex toy to insert and go in smoothly without tearing the the tissue.

lubricant benefits
A lubricant can reduce friction during $ex. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Lots of foreplay

The second way how fourchette tears can be avoided is indulging in a lot of foreplay. Go for lots of kissing, cuddling, oral $ex, touching your and your partner’s genitals and all over their body, playing with breasts, etc. “This will allow your vaginal opening to expand and the surrounding tissues to also expand. So, insertion happens easily,” she adds.

However, if you do experience tears and vaginal burning after $ex regularly, it is ideal to visit a doctor,” Dr Cuterus asserts.

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Here some self-care tips to avoid vaginal burning or tears:

1. Avoid $ex or any type of foreplay while the tear heals completely
2. Wear only comfortable cotton underwear, if needed
3. Keep your vaginal area always clean and dry
4. Avoid touching the affected area too much

vaginal burning
Keep your vaginal health in check. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Do not use tampons. Instead, use pads or period underwear until the area has healed
6. Avoid using any type of fragrant soap, spermicide, or lubricant that may be irritating
7. To reduce burning sensation when you pee, pour warm water over the vaginal opening when you urinate as urine is acidic.

Don’t forget these tips if you experience a fourchette tear.

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