Follow these 5 hair care tips after hair treatment

We put our hair through multiple sessions of chemical treatments despite knowing its side effects. These can make hair brittle and dry, as well as lead to hair loss. Fortunately, taking good care of yourself and using the right things after a hair treatment helps prevent problems.

Hair care tips to follow after a hair treatment

Chemicals are used during hair treatments, and they may be doing more harm than good to your mane. If you ignore them, the condition of your hair could deteriorate. So, it is crucial to maintain a healthy hair care routine after a treatment. Here are 5 ultimate hair care tips you can follow!

1. Avoid using more chemicals

The general thumbrule is to select the sort of shampoo and conditioner that is appropriate for your hair concern. Your hair has recently been exposed to a lot of chemicals during the treatment therefore it’s time to start using gentle, chemical-free hair care products. Start by switching to a shampoo and conditioner without sulphates.

Those who frequently bleach or dye their hair should use a shampoo with colour preservatives to prevent fading or bleeding. Choose a conditioner that goes well with your shampoo, improves the texture of your hair and leaves it smooth.

2 Don’t use too many heating tools

When you choose chemical treatments such as hair straightening, smoothening and rebonding, your hair is exposed to enough heat. Reduce the use of styling appliances like curlers and dryers to prevent hair breakage and drying.

Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Avoid using heat tools. Image courtesy; Shutterstock

Use caution when using the blow dryer and a hair straightener. If at all possible, keep them at bay while allowing your hair to air dry naturally. In general, they are harmful over time, especially to natural hair. They are harder on chemically treated hair because your hair is already dry.

3. Avoid washing hair in hot water

Hair becomes damaged by heat, including that from the sun, hairdryers and hot water faucets. It makes heat one of the main causes of hair dryness. While you can’t completely avoid the heat, you can lessen heat damage by washing your hair at a cool temperature.

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4. Be gentle with your hair

Keep in mind that being gentle is essential if you want to prevent other knots, broken ends, and breakage. Use a microfiber towel to absorb the majority of the water from your hair if you have hair that is prone to frizzing when not blow-dried. To keep it even more hydrated, apply an argan oil hair serum. You should let your hair air dry naturally rather than blow-drying it daily. Although it might take longer, air drying will prevent long-term severe damage to your hair.

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Be gentle while combing your hair. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

5. Deep nourish your hair

Use a deep mask once a month for added nourishment. Add a few drops of hair serum into your conditioner or mask. Apply this mixture to your hair length avoiding the scalp area. Around 30 minutes to one hour, rinse it with water. This will work as a deep conditioning mask and make hair shinier. Oil your hair at night at least once a week to bring back its former shine.

So ladies, follow these tips and protect your hair from damage!

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