4 ways to reduce hair fall problem naturally

Worldwide, hair fall is one of the most common problems. Let’s not forget, we all keep losing a few hair strands every single day. There are several factors that actually lead to hair fall, be it hormonal changes and medical conditions or unhealthy diet and lifestyle, stress, pollution and genetics. While it is more common in men, women too suffer from severe hair loss. Nonetheless, it differs from person to person. While for some, it can be a slow process, others can experience sudden hair fall and can see patches of baldness all over their head.

However, there are several ways on how you can at least slow down your hair fall. In a recent Instagram post, celebrity dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad, has shared some basic yet effective tips on what should be avoided when you have hair fall.

4 ways to reduce hair fall

1. Don’t worry too much about the hair fall

Stress will increase cortisol levels which can increase hair fall. It can in fact push hair follicles into a “resting” phase and they might not produce new hair strands. Over time, they can fall down more easily, during daily procedures like washing, combing, or touching it. So make sure you do not take too much stress if there’s a problem with hair fall.

hair fall is a common problem
Hair fall is one of the common side effects of Covid-19. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Avoid smoking or vaping

Smoking or vaping will increase the matrix metalloproteinases, which are literally toxins for hair. It can cause hair to fall in a number of ways, such as reducing blood flow to your scalp and even causing damage to the DNA of your hair follicles. So by quitting smoking or vaping, you can achieve a limited amount of hair regrowth and it will also make your overall health better.

3. Avoid heat styling

Styling your hair with heating tools breaks the disulphide bonds in the hair shaft and leads to breakage and hair loss. Use of hairdryer, curling tongs and straighteners, tend to make hair dry, prone to breakage, which causes hair to fall out, especially if you use them every day.

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Ayurveda for hair fall
Can Ayurvedic remedies for hair fall beat allopathy? Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Avoid consuming food with high glycemic index and less proteins

Eating foods with high glycemic index, such as white bread, potato chips, pasta, juices with added sugar, french fries, onions, baked potato, soda, doughnuts along with lack of proteins and supplements can lead to nutritional deficiency, which eventually adds to the existing hair fall.

Chances are that even with a slight diet modification, you can promote hair growth and promote good health. While genes and lifestyle impact hair fall more, make sure to eat a healthy diet with protein-rich foods like oats, walnuts, eggs, beans and fish, to curb that receding hairline. As they say, you are what you eat.

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