Why is $ex education important for teenagers? 5 reasons for every parent

When was the last time your teenage kid used the concepts of algebra in real life? Never, until he or she decides to become an engineer or scientist, isn’t it? You must have seen your child struggling to learn those, but no one really stopped him from doing it. Why? Because somewhere you know it’s essential to learn them.

However, why do we bat an eyelid when the topic of $ex surfaces in front of teenagers? With growing information about $ex content on the internet, don’t you think that, with hormonal changes, your child can feel intrigued to learn more on the topic? The content over the web poorly portrays $ex, and there is a chance of your child falling prey to the wrong means. There comes the importance of $ex education!

Health Shots reached out to clinical psychologists Dr Kamna Chhibber and Dr Smita Vasudev to understand the importance of $ex education among teens.

Why is $ex education for teenagers important?

Children have the right to understand their body, the changes it experiences at puberty, and their growing $exual needs.

1. Right $ex education helps prevent harboring of myths and misconceptions

With growing $exual content over the internet and the way it reaches children, it’s important to build awareness among teens on both aspects, attraction and $ex education.

Dr Chhibber says, “Informing teens and helping them understand the changes they are likely to experience, helps facilitate the processing of the same. It also prevents the harboring of myths and misconceptions and doesn’t allow young people to hold on to false notions.”

$ex education for students
Schools should also introduce $ex ed at an appropriate age. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. It helps to make informed decisions

Conversations surrounding $ex should not be a one-time thing. Parents should remain constantly involved and create a safe, understanding atmosphere for their kids to ask their questions and get their doubts and insecurities resolved.
According to Dr Vasudev, “It helps teens make safer and informed decisions in their adolescent years. They get to learn about the hardships and challenges of unwanted teen pregnancies, and hence avoid them.”

3. Protection from $exual abuse or violence

There is a necessity to look at ensuring that $ex education is done in an age-appropriate manner so your children can learn to differentiate between a good or a bad touch. This can guard them against falling prey to any kind of $exual abuse or violence. The adults should take this initiative in helping teens become comfortable in sharing their concerns, asking questions, and being willing to engage in ongoing conversations.

safe $ex tips
Awareness about safe $ex is better for overall health! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Helps to maintain $exual hygiene and prevent STDs

Only when your child is rightly aware of his/her body will be able to take good care of reproductive health and $exual hygiene. Alongside this, it will also educate them about the possibility of getting a $exually transmitted disease. So, before they plan to have $ex with someone, they will know the dos and don’ts of it beforehand.

5. Better understanding and autonomy over their body

In the years of puberty, a child goes through a lot of changes in his/her body. Right $ex education not only helps in processing the basics of puberty, but also in understanding the development in their bodies. They’ll learn to say no to unwanted $ex.



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