Menstrual Hygiene Day: For a no mess period $ex, shift to menstrual discs

We’re glad that period products are making their way into every household and we’ve come a long way from using clothes and rags when menstruating. To add up, period products are just getting better day by day. Women can choose between sanitary pads, tampons, period panties, and menstrual cups according to their needs. However, a new addition to this list called menstrual discs has found its place in this innovation. If the period $ex part got you here, read on!

What is a menstrual disc?

If you’re new to this, menstrual discs, as the name suggests, is a soft disc-like menstrual product that is meant to be inserted into the vagina to mask or collect the period blood. They come in both disposable and reusable variants. They give better protection from sudden leaks even during a period $ex sesh!

Health Shots spoke to Dr Manisha Ranjan, Senior consultant obstetrician and gynecologist, Motherhood Hospital, Noida, who explained us the upside of switching to menstrual discs

Dr Ranjan says, “A menstrual disc works longer than any other period product. These discs are not only pocket-friendly and environmentally-friendly, but are inexpensive and reusable. They give out little to no odour and allow you to participate in sports and adventure in the most comfortable way.”

period $ex
A menstrual disc is a fuss-free period product. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

How to use a menstrual disc?

  1. Just like menstrual cups, menstrual discs are squeezed from the sides and made into an elongated tampon like structure.
  2. Once you’re comfortable with is shape, put your one leg up on an elevated structure.
  3. Gently try to insert the pinched disc into your vagina. Push the disc past your pubic bone so that its rim tucks itself above your bone.
  4. Try to make it sit at a vertical angle so that it covers your cervix entirely. This will ensure no leakage and spills.

Now that you know how to use one, here are some advantages of using menstrual discs:

1. No fuss periods

Compared to tampons, menstrual discs are far more flexible and can manage a strong flow equivalent to 5 conventional tampons. A disc offers almost 12-hour protection depending on the flow and the size of the disc used. They also reportedly help in reducing period cramps.

tampon slip out
Don’t forget to pull out that tampon. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. More comfort

They are also flexible in nature and are comfortable to use compared to tampons which are relatively stiff in nature. On the other hand, sanitary pads are always in contact with your vaginal area that can increase the risk of getting a rash or pimple.

3. No mess period $ex

Hell yes! According to Dr Ranjan, “Menstrual discs are the best alternative for having period $ex with your partner because they don’t take up much space in the vaginal canal. One can indulge in a steamy sesh without any leakage and spills. This is one of the reasons where they win the menstrual discs vs menstrual cups debate. Your partner may not even feel the disc and period $ex does not turn messy when you’re wearing one. This happens because it sits at the widest part of your vagina while a cup sits at the cervix. However, it is important to use protection all the time.

$ex in periods
If you experience a hike in libido during your periods, feel free to have period $ex. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. More protection from UTIs

Menstrual discs help in preventing the risk of bacterial infections, UTI related risks and helps in minimizing the period discomfort. They also eliminate the chances of getting Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) which is fairly common in women who use tampons or menstrual cups.

Period $ex or not, but menstrual discs are being considered as better and comfortable option by many women. So much that it is giving a head on competition to the menstrual cups.

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