Is sex during pregnancy safe or not? A doctor explains

Do you feel insecure about having sex during pregnancy? Do questions like will it cause miscarriage, does the baby know what’s happening or will it harm the baby, come to your mind often? Well, let us tell you that sex during pregnancy is a taboo that most people refrain from talking about, but it shouldn’t be! It is safe to have sex during pregnancy unless your doctor has told you not to.

Dr Anjali Kumar, on her Instagram page Maitri Woman, addressed this concern, and wrote: “Pregnancy sex is safe and healthy. It releases oxytocin that helps combat pregnancy stress, improves sleep, and makes one forget those aches and pains for a while.”

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Sex during pregnancy is completely safe and healthy throughout an uncomplicated pregnancy. The uterus, cushioning amniotic fluid, and a marcus plug that act as a barrier to infections and other things, all work together to keep the infant well protected.

So do not worry! Your sexual activity won’t cause a miscarriage during pregnancy or will not hurt your baby. The reason for the majority of miscarriages is an abnormally growing foetus. A penis or penetrative sex toy cannot penetrate beyond your vagina and the baby cannot sense what is happening. Your sex desire changing during pregnancy is also common.

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Mental health is important for good sex.
Stop overthinking about pregnancy, and enjoy sex while it lasts. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Are there times when pregnancy sex should be avoided?

Urinary contractions can be triggered by breast stimulation, female orgasms, and a class of hormones called prostaglandins found in semen. Your doctor could advise against having sex if:

  1. Your cervix starts to open too soon (cervical incompetence)
  2. You’re leaking amniotic fluid
  3. You have unexplained vaginal bleeding
  4. Your placenta partially or entirely blocks your cervical opening (placenta previa)
  5. You’ve previously had preterm labour or early birth.

    What to keep in mind about sex positions?

    Well, with a bit of caution of your part, you can enjoy sex throughout your pregnancy period. “There are certain positions that you should avoid for safety reasons, but otherwise, there is nothing wrong with sex during pregnancy,” says Dr Kumar.

    You may not be able to experiment too much with sex positions, but make sure whatever you do is comfortable.

    The expert’s advise is to be careful about doing the classic missionary sex, especially after the fourth month of pregnancy. “Lying flat on the back in the normal missionary sex after the fourth month of pregnancy may not be comfortable as it is actually difficult with the baby bump in between. It may also not be safe because in this position, the weight of the growing baby constricts the major blood vessels at the back which supply blood to the baby and to the uterus,” she adds.

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