Is medi facial better for you than a regular salon facial? 

The fundamental CTM (Cleanse-Tone-Moisturise) skin care routine has undergone a huge change in the past few years. The Covid-19 lockdown gave customers the chance to experiment with different regimes and learn what works best for them. Moving forward to mid-2022, the skincare sector is observing a surge in demand from its new-age Gen Z customers for focused and effective skincare, including medical-grade facial or medi facials. 

What is a medi facial?

It is carried out under the direction of a dermatologist and uses skin-friendly, long-lasting products. Medical-grade facials go above and beyond what a typical salon facial can provide. The procedures involved in it are safe for practically all skin types, and are made to address certain skin problems or conditions.

Medi facials are getting famous. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Is it essential to get a salon facial every month? 

Dr. Nivedita Dadu, a dermatologist in Delhi, tells Health Shots that while a lot of people get salon facials every month since they are relaxing and rejuvenating, it is important to understand if it provides any benefit to your skin and how long they last.

Why is medi facial better than regular salon facials?

There are many facials available in salons, but are they truly beneficial to your skin? It turns out, not really since they don’t reach much deeper than the skin. Medi facials, on the contrary, are more personalised and customised according to your skin types and skin concerns, like freckles, dark spots, blemishes, open pore, and uneven skin tone.

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They involve the use of micro dermabrasion and mild food based peels to remove the dead pigmented dead cells, unlike the salon facials, where physical exfoliators or scrubs are used to remove the dead cells.

To understand how different a medi facial and a regular salon facial is, Dr Dadu suggests that “one needs experience it once and see how everlasting the results can be. It is advisable to get a medi facial under the supervision of a qualified and experienced dermatologist.”

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Benefits of medi facial

Whether one’s skin is oily, acne prone, has blackheads, open pores or post acne redness,  there is a medi facial for all skin types. They involve the use of light based therapies, which triggers collagen production, and works on all the layers of your skin. With a combination of light based therapy, mild exfoliation peels, serum infusions you can achieve desired results that are very long lasting. 

A medi facial can reduce fine line and wrinkles,  and works on sagging skin by giving a firm skin and a youthful glow which a regular salon facial may not. Soon after you get a medi facial, your skin would feel soft and supple, and radiate a healthy glow.

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