Valentine’s Day: Here’s how to practice safe sex to avoid infection

The concept of “one night stand” is becoming a trend with more openness towards sexual relationships. Usually, people who indulge in casual sex do not care to use any protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The general notion behind this thinking is the whole perception of safe sex that makes the actual lovemaking non-exciting and non-spontaneous. So, this Valentine’s day, this is your guide to having protected sex with your partner or anyone you meet.

Why practising safe sex is important?

Today young men and women do not mind going ahead and taking one-time risks and engaging in unprotected sex with a person whose sexual history is not known to them. They tend to forget that there are high chances of getting sexual infections and/or pregnancy with this casual attitude. As a result, more young people are falling into the trap of highly infectious STDs. In some cases, this proves to be fatal for them in the lack of proper intervention.

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How to have safe sex this Valentine’s day? Image Courtesy: Freepik

Honesty is key here!

One of the most important aspects of safe sex is honesty. You need to be honest with your partner and vice versa. Talk to your partner about having both of you checked out for STDs. If your partner shows disinterest or refuses to take the test, that is a red flag. You must think for yourself about what to do when it comes to STDs. The importance of testing your body is an indispensable part of the whole activity of sex. Once you come up negative in the results of these tests, you can rest assured that you are not a carrier of any infections. Hence, your partner can also be at peace.

Recent studies have revealed that even a small cut or sore in your mouth can trigger the possibility of coming in contact with germs that can cause infections like genital warts or herpes. Parts like the penis and anus are areas that can contain a lot of germs. Hence you need to exercise care and caution while having oral sex.

how to have safe sex
Have safe sex with the help of condoms. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The use of a condom

Condom is one of the safest, most effective methods with 99 percent protection against STDs. However, many men are not aware of the proper application of putting on a condom. Well, let’s admit it. No one is born knowing everything, and a lack of knowledge about certain aspects of sex doesn’t necessarily indicate a lack of confidence and experience.

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Here are some ways how to use a condom correctly:

1. Get the right size. Condoms that are too tight or too loose are prone to slipping or breaking. Look up size charts and measure the circumference of the penis to see which is best for oneself.
2. Check the expiration date.
3. Check the condom itself for any damage.
4. When rolling the condom down the penis, leave the room at the tip for semen and pinch the tip to prevent an air bubble from forming, which may burst the condom when a man ejaculates.
5. Once the condom is on the penis, smooth out any air bubbles along the shaft.
6. Don’t store condoms in a wallet or any tight places.
7. Have lubricant handy in case a partner is not adequately wet.
8. Practice makes it perfect. Try using a condom when you masturbate, this will give a man plenty of test runs applying a condom.

Even ladies can take the charge in their hands and not rely on their partners completely. You can use condoms that will protect you from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

A female condom can be placed either during foreplay or eight hours before engaging in sexual activity. In a way, this prevents the decision to forgo protection at the last minute. Female condoms are safe to use.

Remember, it’s never too late to educate oneself and protect yourself from unwanted consequences.

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