$ex mistakes: 7 things you should avoid after $ex

Have you ever wished for more from your $ex life? Maybe a stronger sense of intimacy? If you say “yes”, you must ensure that you practice proper $ex habits, especially after intercourse. It’s a good idea to figure out what you and your partner like in bed, but once you’re done, pay attention to what your health demands. In fact, even if you are tired, there are some things you should avoid.

Health Shots spoke to Dr Sanjay Kumavat, Consultant Psychiatrist and $exologist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, Mumbai, to find out the mistakes which women should avoid post $ex.

Dr Kumavat says, “There are certain things that a woman should not do after $ex, as these can impact her physical and mental health. Take the time to establish healthy habits that ensure that you can have the best possible communication and intimacy with your $exual partner.”

You should also discuss things that were great or bothersome, and prioritize your gynaecological health.

$ex mistakes
Post $ex, pay attention to your health! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Here are some common mistakes to avoid after $ex:

1. Not emptying the bladder

Emptying the bladder post intercourse is very important as it avoids any unnecessary urinary tract infection (UTI). Urination can help flush out the bacteria if it has entered the tract inadvertently. However, you don’t need to rush to the washroom immediately after $ex. You can empty your bladder within an hour of $ex.

2. Ignoring pain

The moaning that occurs during and after coitus is not always about pleasure. It can usually be reduced by abdominal breathing. Pain during and after $ex, on the other hand, can be caused by $exually transmitted infections, vaginismus, orgasm, endometriosis, deep penetration, fibroids, or emotional trauma. If the pain persists and becomes unbearable, it’s worth seeking medical advice.

3. Wearing tight undergarments

There are numerous factors to consider for good vaginal health after $ex. One of them is going commando! Wearing synthetic materials or tight undergarments may irritate the moist skin of the thighs. Ditching underwear post $ex will provide some relief from the heat and will also help to prevent infections of all kinds, such as yeast infections and itching.

$ex mistakes
Your underwear can take a toll on your vaginal health! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Not cleaning your vagina

Keep in mind that your vagina is self-cleansing. So, don’t douche or clean it with chemical-based soaps, as this can increase the risk of infection. Simply, wipe from front to back post $ex to maintain the pH balance of the vagina. This will also reduce the likelihood of infection.

5. Enjoying bubble bath

Cuddling in a hot water bath might increase your chances of getting an infection. Hot water acts as a fertile ground for bacterial growth. It is better to use one tea spoonful of vinegar in warm water, which maintains the skin’s natural acidity and helps in cleansing.

6. Skipping contraceptives

If you are using condoms, ensure that they are intact. This will prevent an unwanted pregnancy and infection. Also, if you are on oral contraceptives, don’t forget to pop your pill.

$ex mistakes
Compare birth control pills and condoms to choose the best options for contraception! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

7. Ignoring post coital bleeding

You’ve just finished having $ex with your partner, and now you’re bleeding? Well, bleeding with pain from any of the sites requires immediate attention, as they may occur from the vagina due to vaginal dryness and fibroids.

Last words

If it is not about $exual intercourse and you are using $ex toys for self-pleasure. Keep in mind that you must clean or wash your $ex toys both before and after using them. This will keep vaginal infections like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, and UTI at bay.

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