Premarital $ex: Why young people want freedom from being judged

Living in the year 2022, it is easy for us to believe that the world is pacing towards promptly adapting the western culture. As much as we fathom the norms, lifestyle, and culture of the other world, we still fail to break free from deeply ingrained taboos in our society. Premarital $ex is surely one such topic that is still spoken about in hushed whispers. This Independence Day, let us look at how the youth today wants the freedom of being judged for it.

Anyone who still opens up about indulging in $ex before marriage invites critical glances. For women, it’s still even harder the way they are conditioned to glorify the concept of “purity” before marriage.

Having a physical relationship with someone before marriage is still considered immoral and sinful. It’s so because the Indian society and culture stand against it. However, the coming generation is opinionated and begs to differ in their opinion.

$ex before marriage
What does the youth say about premarital $ex. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Health Shots reached out to 6 women to understand how this generation wants to get freedom from the judgments regarding premarital $ex

Let’s know out what they have to say!

1. $ex education is a must, says Ritwika Rathore, 26

Premarital $ex is a taboo in Indian society because it is considered a sin to even talk about $ex, because of the deep-rooted urge to control women’s $exuality. Even today, in some parts of India, girls are refrained from interacting with the ‘opposite $ex’. The concept of virginity is made extremely important. A good or ideal wife should be “pure” is an idea embedded deeply into the Indian mentality.

This stigma can only be resolved with the right education at a young age which our country has time and again shown its unwillingness to implement in schools. There needs to be a generational shift in this thinking and more young minds need to be introduced to the concept of $ex from formal means of education instead of the free resources on the internet.

2. Even the Supreme Court says premarital $ex is not a crime: Divya Sakhuja, 28

Women, in my opinion, are judged more for their moral compass than men, for indulging in premarital $ex. We are living in times when we can’t run away from the fact that live-in culture, open marriages, online dating and being ‘friends with benefits’ are a part and parcel of life. Indulging in premarital $ex is a completely personal choice and even the Supreme Court of India had at one point said that it is not a crime. Why then do we get glaring looks from gynaecologists, prospective partners, family members and even friends? It’s a free world, and we should celebrate that freedom instead of curbing it. But yes, what should be done is practice of safe $ex in the interest of your health!

Safe $ex iis a must
Safe $ex is a must! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Marrying someone without knowing how he would be in bed is scary: Kavya Raj, 31

$ex life is important, dude! I think it’s good to know how your partner will be in bed beforehand rather than being stuck with it all your life. Of course, $ex is only one aspect of life, but it’s important nevertheless.

4. Moral policing around premarital $ex is irrevelant: Charu Khurana, 25

When two people have $ex, it has more to do with the two of them than the society that freely passes judgment. As long as they mutually agree to physical intimacy, the point of view of others shouldn’t really matter. Moral policing or moral judgment in today’s world is not relevant. As we are frantically learning to imbibe the lifestyle or learning of the western culture, we should also know that if the generation is kept in dark about their $exuality, sooner or later, they will discover their needs and preferences. So, to curb the rise of any ugly situation, light should be shed upon such hidden topics.

5. $ex before marriage should be normalized: Yashwani Kumar, 23

The concept of having $ex before marriage should really be normalized. Indian society has created a molehill out of this subject. As long as $ex is happening between two consenting adults, the viewpoint of other people shouldn’t matter. If two aware people are deciding to have premarital $ex, whether they are in a relationship or not, society has no right to rip people off their freedom of choice.

$ex and emotions
$ex is about emotions too! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. It can strengthen the emotional bond: Mehek Mehta, 27

I think it’s a personal choice. Connecting with someone physically is a really good feeling, and it helps you nurture better emotional relationships and adds to that much-needed intimacy between two people. Being a naturally pleasurable activity, it should be normalized and enjoyed.

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