Men’s $exual health: 5 things every woman must know

A man’s $exual health is influenced by various physical, psychological, interpersonal, and societal aspects. A very healthy-looking man may also have issues with his $exual health, affecting his overall health and relationship with his partner. Ladies, the fact remains that even though the awareness regarding men’s $exual health has increased, people still find it very difficult to acknowledge the issue or even talk about it.

Here are 5 common problems related to men’s $exual health that every woman must be aware of.

This can not only help women understand their partner’s problem but also
assist them in making their partner feel okay about it.

1. $exual performance anxiety

$exual performance anxiety (SPA) is one of the most common forms of $exual problems faced by men. The problem is more common in young men. Men suffering from SPA may get anxious making them lose erection, not to get an erection or get premature ejaculation. Almost every man experiences it at some point in his life. With proper counselling and treatment, SPA can be completely treated.

men's $exual health
SPA is a major cause of infertility. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Premature ejaculation

Another common $exual problem faced by men is premature ejaculation. In this condition, a man may ejaculate sooner. Both biological and psychological factors play a role in premature ejaculation. While there are some men with a natural tendency to ejaculate faster, If a couple is not satisfied with ejaculation time, they must seek professional help for the same. A combination of medications and counselling can help treat premature ejaculation.

3. Refractory period

The refractory period is a phase where after having a $exual activity, they find it difficult to get another erection soon. The time period of this phase may last for several minutes to hours or days and may vary from person to person. Women must know that a refractory period is a phase and not an underlying medical condition and that it varies from person to person. However, if a couple still feels that there is something that needs to be discussed they must consult a professional.

4. Low sperm count

Another thing that women must know about men’s $exual health is that low sperm count may lead to decreased fertility. Low sperm count is when a man has fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen. There may be several underlying causes for the condition but if it is genetic, there is nothing a man can do to prevent the same. Incorporating certain lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, yoga, a healthy diet, and avoiding alcohol and smoking can help improve sperm count. However, if lifestyle changes do not offer satisfactory results or if the sperm count is zero, it is important to seek medical help. With some treatment, counselling and lifestyle changes, the chances of conceiving may improve for the couple.

men's $exual health
Keep your lifestyle healthy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome

Hypogonadism, also known as Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome, is a disorder in which a man’s body does not create enough testosterone, the principal male hormone. This condition is more common in older males (40 and above), but younger people might be affected by several causes. Some of the symptoms associated with low testosterone levels are difficulty obtaining or maintaining an erection, low $exual desire, early ejaculation, and poor mental/physical health. If a man is over 40 years of agg and is facing such an issue, it is advisable to consult an andrologist and ensure if there is a testosterone deficiency. The hormone is not only vital for $exual health but also the overall health of a male.

Bottom Line

Men’s $exual health is a very less talked about topic, mostly because men find it very embarrassing to talk about their $exual health with their friends and even partners. However, there has been an increased awareness among both women and men regarding their $exual health and they are now able to understand the importance of communication and treatment. Timely consultation, treatment and lifestyle changes can help couples deal with $exual problems and lead a happy, healthy and satisfying life.

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