Know why hyper$exuality isn’t good for health

When you think about $ex, it’s not considered to be an alarming situation. But if have an obsessive fixation on $ex or anything related to it, you may be hyper$exual. Initially it might seem to be harmless, but with time, you may realise that it’s a problem. Thinking too much about $ex will ultimately affect your health and life in general. If you don’t already know if you are hyper$exual, there are some signs of hyper$exuality that you must know about. Read on to know all about hyper$exuality and how thinking too much $ex affects health.

Hyper$exuality is not recognised as an official disorder or diagnosis by the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition (DSM-5). But it is characterised as a frequent and intense preoccupation with $exual urges, fantasies and behaviors, according to Journal of Behavioral Addictions. It leads to adverse consequences and clinically significant distress or impairment in social or other important areas of functioning.

Hyper$exuality isn’t good for mental health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Health Shots reached out to Saima Khan, psychotherapist and life coach, Apollo Spectra Delhi to know all about hyper$exuality.

What is hyper$exuality?

When you constantly think about $ex and feel unable to control your $exual urges, that’s hyper$exuality. Khan says that hyper$exuality can be a matter of concern as it can affect your mental health.

Here’s why hyper$exuality isn’t good for you –

• You will not be able to concentrate on work or other activities.
• It can cause stress.
• It might lead to anxiety.
• It might make you feel depressed.
• There can be a conflict in your relationship.
• You will be often frustrated.

Signs of hyper$exuality

When it comes to hyper$exuality, a lot of problematic $exual behaviours like watching pornographic content excessively (how to stop watching porn) or too much of masturbation can be noticed.

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Know the signs of hyper$exuality. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

There are some more signs that indicate you may be struggling with hyper$exuality.

• You have frequent and intense $exual fantasies, behaviour and urges that consume a lot of your time. You feel as if they are not in your control.
• You have tried to reduce or control your $exual fantasies, behaviour or urges, but have been unsuccessful at it.
• If you are lonely or leading a stressful life, you use hyper$exuality as an escape from them.
• You are unable to have a stable relationship.

When to see a doctor if you’re thinking too much about $ex

According to the expert, if you are tensed, frustrated, feel lonely, ashamed, and distressed about this behaviour, you should consult a doctor. You need to know that you are not alone and you can get help in order to change your behaviour.

How to treat hyper$exuality

If you feel the need to approach a health expert, you must. You will be counseled by a psychologist who can help you to find the solution for the underlying cause of the problem. If you are anxious or depressed due to these issues, you will be advised medication. Take them after speaking to your doctor only. It is better to not engage in any risky $exual activities and ensure that the other person is not harmed in any way, says Khan.

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