Is it possible to lose weight by having $ex?

$ex is all about love, pleasure, and passion. But can going hot and heavy under the sheets help you lose weight too? Well, that’s something your kinky friend or a partner expecting $ex must have lured you with. Can $exual intercourse be used as an activity to lose weight? A doctor breaks it down. To lose weight by having $ex is a possibility, ladies. But only if you get into a steamy session long enough to burn some calories.

Dr Siddhant Bhargava, who enjoys an awesome following on Instagram, shared the deets about $ex in an Instagram reel. Due to his witty and comic take on everyday health concerns, Dr Bhargava’s advice is taken up by many. Breaking the relation between $ex and weight loss, he shared some helpful insights in his video.

Can you lose weight by having $ex?

According to Dr Bhargava, “A male loses 4.25 calories per minute whereas the female partner burns approximately 3.1 calories per minute in a 24 minute (rather overstated) $ex session.

In those 24 minutes, you’ll burn around 60 to 100 which is not too little but it is mildly significant. So, the amount of calories we lose during the $ex is directly proportional to how long your partner can last in bed. No pressure, ladies!

$ex and age
Come, let’s bust some myths around $ex and weight loss. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

How much $ex should you do to lose weight?

Dr Bhargava adds, “To make it a significant calorie burn, you’ll need to burn around 300-400 calories. Essentially, you’ll need to have $ex more than 4 times a day which is fairly impossible.

$ex after pregnancy
Don’t rush into the belief that you can lose weight by having $ex. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Cracking up his followers, Dr Bhargava says, “By doing rigorous $ex more than 4 times a day, you’ll be able to lose weight, you might be happier but you may eventually lose a partner too (Pun intended*)

Watch his video here:

Therefore, it is better to steer clear from this belief that $ex may make you look slimmer or help you lose weight drastically. It may add up to your calorie burn score but to lose weight, one may resort to various types of workout. Try yoga, HIIT, cardio, dance or kickboxing to reach your weight loss goals effectively.

These workout forms not only help you lose weight but help in boosting mood and making you flexible. This means you’ll reach the state of $exual arousal quickly and get more action in bed, ladies!

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