How to take care of your nails at home? Follow these tips

As essential as skin care is nail care. It shields you from infections and makes your nails appear healthier. Come, let us find out how to take care of your nails.

Dr Jaishree Sharad recently shared the importance of nail care with her Instagram family.

Here are some tips she recommends to take care of your nails

1. Trim your nails regularly

You may avoid ingrown nails by doing this. To make your nails softer, attempt to trim them shortly after you have a shower or bath. Use a nail file to round off the corners or edges of your nails.

2. Use a nail serum

Putting a nail strengthening serum to use can help to repair your nails. Your nails might benefit from being kept moisturised, much like other body parts. Try applying almond or avocado oil to your cuticles and nail beds before night to prevent them from becoming dry or brittle.

How to take care of your nails
Maintain the strength of your manicure with these tips. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Always keep your nails dry and clean

Keep your nails away from unclean or moist areas. Such circumstances promote the development of germs beneath your nails, which can be challenging to remove. Additionally, prolonged, frequent exposure with moisture might raise your risk of developing split fingernails.

4. Eat a healthy high protein diet

If you eat more foods such as fish, almonds, and beans, your body will be able to manufacture more keratin. That’s the protein that makes up your nails. Additionally, you may consider ingesting daily supplements such as biotin and fish oil, which are available at your neighbourhood supermarket or health food shop.

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5. Be cautious during manicure or pedicure

Make sure the instruments your nail technician uses are clean and sanitized. Ask them to avoid touching your cuticles. To stop the spread of foot illnesses, make sure the foot baths are cleaned with a bleach solution in between sessions.

6. Do not use harsh nail polish

The nail becomes weaker while using ones that include formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate in them. Additionally, putting pigmented colours on your nails for a long period of time frequently might weaken them or make them yellow.

How to take care of your nails
Pay attention to your nails. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

7. Stop biting the nails

If you tend to bite your nails, take action to stop.
It might be hard to overcome this habit, but it’s crucial since your mouth contains bacteria and germs that can readily enter your body through abrasions caused by your teeth.

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8. What about trimming nail cuticles?

Your nail and nail bed are supposed to be protected by the nail cuticle. You end up making a route for dirt, filth, soap water, and microorganisms like fungus, bacteria, and yeast to penetrate right into the nail bed or into the deeper layers of the epidermis when you you trim it, push it inward, or cut it.

As a result, you can get paronychia, painful nails, peeling, cracking, and even twisted nails. You also develop brittle nails, fungal infections of the nails as well as bacterial and yeast infections.

Be cautious the next time you get a manicure or pedicure. Never clip, trim, or press cuticles!

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