Best rica wax for dry skin: 5 picks for easy hair removal

Dry skin requires extra moisturiser to reduce flakiness. So, try the best rica wax for dry skin and remove the hair without losing moisture.

Waxing dry skin can be painful and may leave it even more dry. If you have dry skin, using liposoluble waxes like rica wax can be beneficial because it reduces the risk of redness, ingrown hair and skin blemishes. This wax is rich in moisturising and nourishment properties that leaves your skin hydrated and glowing after the hair removal process. We have carefully selected the best rica wax for dry skin that you must try!

5 best rica wax for dry skin

Dry skin is an uncomfortable skin concern, which can create fine lines and make your skin look dehydrated. So, if you are looking for the right wax, try the best rica wax for dry skin in India for painless hair removal experience.

1. Rica Liposoluble Waxing with Kit

If you are looking for rica wax for dry skin, try this RICA white chocolate wax. It is formulated using titanium dioxide, vegetable oils, zinc oxide, theobroma cacao butter and beeswax, which makes your skin nourished and moisturised. Apply a thin layer of this wax on your skin and enjoy the benefits of a painless application. It is gentle on sensitive skin, leaves on redness and removes stubborn tan. Adding to it, this wax also slows down the hair re-growth.

2. RICA Wax White Chocolate Roll-On Wax Kit

Try this roll-on wax for hair removal for easy and painless application. This white chocolate wax is suitable for dry skin. It is infused with a mix of vegetable oils, zinc oxide, beeswax, titanium dioxide and theobroma cacao butter, which energises and revitalises your skin. It also promises to nourish and moisturise your skin after waxing. Rica wax benefits the skin in multiple ways like it makes the waxing process hygienic, removes sun tan and slows down the growth process.

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3. RICA Banana Liposoluble Wax

The RICA banana liposoluble wax promises to hydrate and moisturise your dry skin. Besides removing hair quickly, it acts as an exfoliator that helps control oil, making your skin smooth and shiny. This banana wax also enhances collagen production which is essential for healthy skin. The brand claims that the product is safe to use on dry skin and it brightens the skin by removing tan.

4. RICA Aloe Vera Wax

Try this RICA wax for sensitive skin to improve its health. This aloe vera wax contains healing properties that protects, hydrates and soothes down your skin. Besides providing nutritive elements to your skin, it makes the waxing process painless and gentle. The product also promises to leave no redness on your skin after the hair removal process and remove tan.

5. RICA Dark Chocolate Lipsoluble Wax

The dark chocolate liposoluble wax from RICA is the perfect hair removal cream for dry skin. It is made with natural ingredients like theobroma cacao butter which makes your skin soft, smooth and glowing. This wax also promises to remove tan from your body and brighten the skin. Unlike normal wax, this one supports painless application and leaves your skin without any bumps.

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What are the benefits of rica wax for dry skin?

  • The presence of glyceryl rosinate in rica wax makes the hair removal process free from allergies and skin infections.
  • It is formulated with vegetable oils which deeply moisturises and nourishes your skin.
  • The naturally occurring titanium dioxide makes rica wax creamy, gentle and easy to spread. It also reduces the redness that occurs due to depilation, which makes the waxing process less painful.
  • This wax is rich in mineral salts and proteins that protects your skin from depilation.
  • It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that soothes irritated skin.

How to use rica wax for dry skin?

  • Place the wax in a heater and stir it for proper consistency.
  • Turn down the heater to a normal temperature.
  • Now, clean the area that needs to be waxed with a cotton milk pre-wax gel.
  • Apply a thin layer of rica wax in the direction of the hair growth.
  • Apply the strip over the wax and press firmly for proper hair removal.
  • Now, remove the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
  • Lastly, remove any wax residual with a lotion.

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