7 skin care tips to get healthy and glowing skin

Everyone strives for flawless skin that is glowing, and they do this by following a variety of dermatologist-recommended skin care regimens. By taking care of your skin with an effective routine and healthy lifestyle choices, you can postpone signs of ageing and avoid issues. However, along with a skincare regime, it is equally essential to adhere to the fundamentals of skincare to maximise the results.

This becomes even more essential if you are struggling with any skin issues. While a proper skincare routine depends on the skin type, there are a few skin care rules that everyone should stick to, regardless of the skin type. So, let’s take a look at them!

Tips to improve skin health

To help you take the best care of your skin, here are 6 expert tips to keep in mind!

1. Protect your skin from the sun

Overexposure to the sun can cause skin damage, age spots, and other skin-related issues. In fact, it is the biggest factor behind premature ageing symptoms. So, protect your skin by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with natural formulas that defend against UV rays and further damage.

skin care routine
Give your skin protection from sun rays. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

2. Nourish your skin

Revitalise your skin with natural products that are free of chemicals and preservatives. Their natural qualities can improve the glow from the inside out and keep skin problems at bay! Also, follow a healthy diet and avoid junk food to achieve optimal results.

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3. Eat a healthy diet

Achieving flawless skin requires more than just topical skincare. You must also maintain a clean, healthy and nutritious diet. Avoid processed and sugary foods, and quit smoking, drinking alcohol, or taking drugs to guarantee better outcomes.

4. Consider natural supplements

In addition to healthy food, supplements made from plant-based extracts can complement the process. They contain vital ingredients that may not be present in food, but can help reverse free-radical damage, boost pro-collagen levels, and revitalise dull-looking skin by minimising pigmentation and wrinkles. Choose supplements that are prepared with natural extracts and free from allergens or preservatives.

skin care routine
Natural ingredients for skin have benefits. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

5. Destress

Uncontrolled stress makes your skin more sensitive and can trigger acne breakouts and other skin problems. To achieve glass-like skin, it’s essential to control stress. Get plenty of sleep, reset your routine, and make time to do the things you enjoy.

6. Monitor your skin

Pay close attention to your skin and seek medical attention if you notice any sudden changes, even if they’re small. Consulting with a dermatologist and taking natural supplements can help meet your skin’s nutritional needs and achieve better results.

skin care routine
Keep a check on your skin! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

7. Strike a balance

Skin care is essential, but you shouldn’t overdo it. Striking a balance is key because excessive external pressure from products and treatments can harm the skin and adverse effects may multiply. Despite the fact that it may seem challenging to achieve glowing results in a fast-paced lifestyle, by following the fundamentals religiously and consulting a dermatologist as needed, you can improve the outcomes, achieve a natural glow, and even slow down the ageing process. The secret to getting the desired results is to stick to a natural skincare routine and pamper your skin gently while adhering to all the fundamentals.

So, follow these above-mentioned tips and in turn get healthy skin!

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