7 condom mistakes to avoid for safe $ex

Yes, yes! We know that when the libido goes on an overdrive and $exual desire is its peak, doing a last-second condom check can kill the moment! If tonight is the night, exercise your right to pleasure and safe $ex by helping yourself and your partner avoid some common condom mistakes.

Experts have emphasized enough that not having safe $ex can lead to unwanted pregnancy and $exuality transmitted diseases (STD). A condom is the most widely used and effective way to prevent these. And unfortunately, if you use a condom incorrectly and commit certain mistakes, it could result in certain problems.

To know the condom mistakes that people tend to make and things that everyone should check before using a condom, Health Shots got in touch with Dr Swati Gaikwad, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Motherhood Hospital, Pune.

Here are 7 condom mistakes to avoid while using a condom:

1. Check if the packaging is proper

The first mistake that people can make when it comes to condoms is not checking their packaging. “Before buying a condom, one needs to make sure that it is packed properly and that there is no damage to it. Do not buy a condom if it is open, discolored, brittle, or has any holes in it,” says Dr Gaikwad. In fact, if the condom seems dry, rough, and sticky, throw it in the dustbin and use a new one instead. Also, don’t let your partner use his teeth or nails to tear the package of the condom.

2. Check the expiry date

After checking the condom package for any damage, do not skip checking the expiry date. Dr Gaikwad says, “Just like medicine and other products, you will have to first check the expiry date and then buy a condom.” So, refrain from buying it if it is out of date and never buy a condom without reading the expiry date. You can find the expiry dates printed on the back of the condom package. Checking the expiry date and packaging just before and during intercourse can ruin your mood. So after checking both these things, make sure that you keep a condom in the drawer near your bed.

What happens if you use an expired condom? Well, an expired condom can increase the risk of your getting pregnant and $exually transmitted diseases (STD), making condoms less effective.

3. Check for latex condoms

Are you aware? Latex condoms made from natural rubber may prevent $exually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. Thus, you can opt for them. However, if you or your partner are allergic to latex there are many other options available. You can opt for condoms made from alternative materials such as lamb intestinal lining, polyurethane, or lambskin condom.

condom mistakes
You can have safe $ex even without latex condoms! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Keep one more thing in mind. When you’re using a latex condom do not use oil based lubricants because they can break down latex. Therefore, choose water-based lubricants.

4. Check how to store the condom properly

Did you know that condoms need to be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity. Try to keep them in purses, backpacks, or drawers. Do not leave them in the wallets or inside the pockets of your clothes. Doing so can degrade the latex.

5. Check about the usage

Do you really think that you can use a condom twice? Ladies, no, do not make this mistake. Dr Gaikwad said, “Avoid reusing a condom as it can break. It is a strict no-no to use a condom that has already been opened.” Use a new condom each time you have $ex and suggest your partner to do the same!

6. Check regarding how to open the condom properly

This advice is totally for your partner. Suggest to your partner that if he happens to unroll the condom in the wrong direction, throw it away and use another one. “When opening a condom, push it to the side before opening the packaging. This will allow you to prevent damaging the condom before use,” says Dr Gaikwad. Moreover, long fingernails can damage the condom, so be extra vigilant while opening it.

condom mistakes
Use it properly. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Also, if you’ve failed to remove the air from the tip it can cause damage to the condom during intercourse.

7. Check the right way to use it

If your partner puts the condom the wrong way, just take it off and discard it. Use a new condom. You can help your partner suggest the right way to wear a condom to avoid risks.

How to wear it:

* Open and remove the condom from the wrapper carefully.
* Put it on an erect penis before having $exual intercourse.
* Pinch air out from the tip of the condom.
* Unroll it all the way down the penis.

To remove it:

* Hold the condom base and then pull out.
* Carefully remove and throw it in the dustbin.

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