6 makeup mistakes that can worsen acne on your face

Are you stuck in the constant trap of breaking out or having acne? Well, apart from eating fatty foods, exposure to pollution, and changes in hormone levels, makeup mistakes may also contribute to the vicious cycle of acne. Actually, makeup is meant to make your skin seem better, not worse. Yet, some cosmetics have ingredients that promote acne, and how you use the product may also be a factor contributing to your breakouts. Let’s find out which mistakes you should avoid when applying makeup in order to prevent acne.

Makeup mistakes to avoid acne

Here are 6 common makeup mistakes that can result in acne and breakouts:

1. Sleeping with makeup on

If you simply use makeup remover wipes at night to remove your makeup, you aren’t doing enough. It’s important to properly remove any makeup before bed.

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Always remove makeup and then go to your bed. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Daytime clothing may retain dirt and oil, increasing your risk of a breakout. Using makeup removers with specialised ingredients rather than makeup wipes, or double cleansing your face before going out at night.

2. Using dirty hands for applying makeup

If you don’t wash your hands before applying makeup, you may be transferring bacteria and grime from your fingertips to your face. This is one of the quickest causes of an acne outbreak. Always wash your hands before and after applying the makeup and use makeup brushes to apply it.

3. Using expired products

Not throwing away makeup that was opened a long time back or that is beyond its expiry date. The shelf life of makeup applied to the face has a limit, and it’s not necessarily as long as you may think.

You should replace your mascara every three months, and eyeliner, and eyeshadow every six to twelve months. The shelf life of other facial makeup, foundation, and powder is normally 12 months. Or you should always refer to the expiration date that is mentioned on the product.

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Never use expired products. Image Courtesy: Freepik

The worst offenders are liquid or cream-based cosmetics, which when used after their expiration date can retain microorganisms. If you keep applying that old makeup, your skin will pick up additional bacteria as it spreads.

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4. Sharing your makeup products and not washing them properly

Do you also share your makeup brushes and sponge with others and not wash them frequently? One of the biggest cosmetic blunders that can result in acne is this one.

You should always try to avoid sharing makeup with others. Using someone else’s tools or products exposes you to their oils and germs, which can be harmful to your skin. This could eventually lead to acne outbreaks. Also maintaining clean makeup brushes and sponges is crucial for preventing acne since contaminated applicators can spread germs that cause acne all over your face.

5. Covering your acne with makeup

Letting your existing acne worsen by covering them in makeup without protecting your skin with sunscreen, moisturiser, and anti-acne creams is also one of the makeup mistakes that cause breakouts. Take care of your skin affected by acne before applying any foundation. Also, stay away from applying makeup to any exposed pores otherwise it can lead to infection. Let your skin heal first, then only use makeup.

makeup mistakes
You increase your risk of acne when you wear makeup. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Not Letting your skin breathe by giving makeup free days

Using makeup frequently stops your skin from receiving enough air to breathe, just as wearing too much can cause or aggravate acne breakouts. Your skin will benefit from a break if you can try going makeup-free at least once a week.

So ladies, make sure you’ll not repeat these mistakes again if you want to get rid of acne!

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