5 indoor exercises to lose belly fat in winter

When it comes to weight loss, the upper body tends to have the most fat accumulation. As a result, a majority of women start by looking for methods to reduce belly fat. However, it gets harder to maintain a daily fitness routine during the winter. After all, going to the gym and on a run may not seem like the easiest thing to do when it’s cold outside. Even if you want to, you may sometimes lack the motivation. What if we say you could reduce your tummy fat at home? Yes, ladies, you can accomplish your goal with a few indoor exercises.

Exercises to lose belly fat

An indoor workout is an excellent alternative to an outdoor workout. You may find it easier to maintain your exercise schedule. While the gym provides a dedicated space to work out, home workouts are more flexible and sometimes more effective. It all depends on how efficiently you use your time and equipment to achieve your goals.

Health Shots reached out to Abhishek Sinha, fitness expert at Equilibrium Gym Faridabad, to find out some of the best indoor exercises that can help you lose belly fat.

indoor exercises
You can’t ignore exercises for weight loss. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Note: Before we move on to the exercises, let us clarify that spot reduction is a myth! You can’t lose weight from a particular part of your body. Exercising to lose fat can help gain muscle mass and strength, increase metabolism and result in overall fat reduction. So, keep your goal clear.

Here are 5 indoor exercises for weight loss:

1. Skipping

Jumping rope might inspire you to workout when you’re feeling unmotivated to during the winter. Start by jumping rope every day for 5 minutes at first. Take it up to 10, 15, and finally 20 minutes per day gradually. Skipping at home is a great exercise to burn calories and decrease weight, according to Sinha. Since it works practically all of your body’s muscles, it actually constitutes a full-body workout. The result? Major weight loss! Therefore, incorporate skipping rope into your home workout routine.

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2. Burpees

Burpees are the ultimate fat and calorie burner. Not just, it targets your entire body and all the major muscle groups, but it may also help to boost endurance or stamina in your body. In fact, it is more effective than running outside. Sinha says, “This exercise can be done on the floor with ease and only 15-20 minutes to see results in terms of weight loss. It is an excellent cardio workout that also tones and strengthens the muscles.”

mountain climbers
Mountain climbers are great to improve core strength. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Mountain climbers

You should include mountain climbers in your fitness routine if you want a flat stomach. Think of the floor as a mountain, get into a plank posture, and run with your hands straight in front of you against the floor. Although it may seem simple, doing this increases heart rate and burns calories. This exercise targets your shoulders, arms, chest, and legs in addition to your abs. With this workout, start off slowly and then pick up the pace a little to strengthen your core, develop your upper body, and even boost your flexibility.

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4. Jumping squats

The most popular squat type for weight loss is the jumping squat. This is because it serves our dual purpose. It first aids in increasing strength and endurance. Additionally, it promotes weight loss. You must enter a half squat position with your legs shoulder-width apart to complete this workout. Make sure your butt is out and your back is straight. Next, hop a short distance before landing back in the squat position. So, instead of going outside in the cold weather, perform jumping squats at home.

indoor exercises
Jumping squats work well to stay in shape. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Stair climbing

It is the most recommended tip for everyone who is trying to lose weight. And why not? Climbing stairs helps to engage the core and muscles while controlling the increasing waist size. The body’s flexibility, coordination, and balance are improved as a result. And those who climb stairs regularly, burn calories like no others. All in all, it is a wonderful exercise to stay fit and healthy!



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