$exuality after breast cancer: Understanding the link

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women in India. It is more common in young women who are $exually active. In the absence of a holistic approach, the $exual health aspect is often overlooked during the treatment of breast cancer. Though $exuality after breast cancer is of a lesser priority compared to the treatment of breast cancer itself, it is not avoidable.

$exual health issues faced by breast cancer patients

Clinical observations have shown that breast cancer patients face a range of $exual issues after their treatment. Women who are affected by breast cancer experience problems in their $exual life. The trauma of the disease itself can have an impact on how women function in their intimate relationships and their psycho$exuality. $exual dissatisfaction is commonly seen after treatment of breast cancer patients, this places significant stress on young women, especially if one is on anti-hormonal therapy.

According to experts, women preferred a multi-modal approach to education over a one-size-fits-all strategy. Apart from that, they prefer options tailored toward different breast cancer patient population that can meet their requirements and $exual demands.

$exuality after breast cancer
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The several forms of $exual dissatisfaction are in terms of menopausal symptoms, negative body image, diminished desire, dyspareunia, vaginal dryness, stressful interpersonal relationships, stigma of cancer and anxiety about disclosure of cancer diagnosis.

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A survey found that 80 per cent of breast cancer patients did not receive any communication about $exual health during their clinical discussions. These patients also felt that the optimal time of discussion about $exual health is during the comprehensive treatment, either in form of written communication online or by a brochure. There is a need for a structured clinical program for young cancer survivors addressing all aspects of health and treating patients holistically and comprehensively, addressing every aspect of a patient’s health.

Treatment for women experiencing $exual issues due to breast cancer

Useful treatments in patients with these problems are cognitive behavioural therapy and couple counselling which may alleviate these symptoms and result in better $exual health. $exuality must be approached as part of cancer treatment, which can improve the quality of life of cancer patients. This can be done by a multidisciplinary team approach. It is often recommended that partners are included in the support programs, which may include exercises to regain confidence or interventional techniques with positive reinforcement.

$exuality after breast cancer
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Breast cancer has an impact on a variety of $exual elements, including altered bodily functions and perceptions of femininity. $exual dysfunction caused by breast cancer should be identified and treated using a systematic approach with input from other disciplines. The impact of medical and surgical treatment on the $exuality of breast cancer survivors should be evaluated by healthcare providers.

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