Monsoon arrived: Is bathing in the rain good for your skin and hair?

The thunders and showers of monsoon have got the soaring temperature down and our contentment levels up. Rain just makes us so happy each time. Maybe because we consider it as an excuse to gorge on some pakodas or enjoy reading a book with the sound of pitter-patter. And not to forget, the dewy petrichor and green cover of plants and trees around that seems a little extra green post rain. Ahh, what a blessing! It makes us feel like channeling our inner ‘Shraddha Kapoor’ and getting soaked in the rain. But wait, is bathing in the rain really okay for your skin?

To answer that, let’s get an expert’s opinion. Health Shots spoke to Dr B L Jangid, dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon, SkinQure Clinic, Saket, New Delhi, who explained in detail the effects of rain on your skin and hair.

Dr Jangid says, “The first shower may serve to provide comfort from the scorching heat. We are more psychologically at ease when it rains because we can get soaked. However, we reside in a region gripped with pollution, and toxic chemicals like hydrogen sulphide (H2S) because of vehicular emissions, and industrial areas. Therefore, there is a potential that raindrops will combine with dangerous substances and damage your skin as a result. Therefore, much of the rainwater we get during monsoon is acidic, filthy, and contaminated, which is bad for everyone.”

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Is bathing in the monsoon rain bad for skin and hair?

  1. If you have sensitive skin, you should take extra precautions during the monsoon season since acid rain can damage your skin.
  2. “Many believe in the fallacy that taking your first shower will help you with dandruff, prickly heat, or acne on your body. In fact, the high quantity of pollutants in this water increases the likelihood that you may have more severe acne, skin infections, and skin eruptions,” says Dr Jangid.
  3. You’ve probably observed that after getting wet in the rain, your skin itches more and your hair becomes sticky and rough. Rainwater may alleviate skin rashes in some.
  4. High pH levels in water can swell and harm the cuticle and cause harsh, dry hair.
  5. Lice in hair tend to spread quickly during this time of year due to the increased humidity.
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    You’re at a higher risk of scalp and hair problems during monsoon. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

But does this mean we miss out on the monsoon fun?

Not at all, ladies! Here are some beauty rules you can follow

  1. Dr Jangid says, “This monsoon, if you plan to get drenched in the rains or want to enjoy bathing in the rain, remember to take a bath with lukewarm water once you get home.
  2. Use a mild face wash to remove the impurities from the surface of your skin.
  3. Don’t forget to apply a conditioner following shampoo. This preserves the moisture in the hair and keeps it smooth, supple, and glossy.
  4. Make sure you thoroughly dry your body before wearing clothes to avoid infections.Have a happy monsoon!

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