Do you get an itchy scalp in summer? Try these remedies

Do you feel embarrassed by your flaky scalp and those white flakes that sprinkle on your shoulder? Flaky and itchy scalp is a pretty common and stubborn scalp issue. This feeling of intense itching can be caused by a dry scalp or dandruff. Surprisingly, this problem can also come up during the summer season.

On the lookout for a remedy to treat it, HealthShots got in touch with Dr Kaustav Guha, Hair care expert, SkinKraft Labs.

Dr Guha suggested some easy and effective ways to deal with itchy scalp:

1. Opt for the right hair care products

When suffering from a dry and flaky scalp, opt for hair care products without harsh chemicals like sulfate, silicone, and paraben. These chemicals can remove your scalp’s natural oil, leaving it dry and flaky. It is good to go for herbal hair products that are mild on your scalp and hair.

“To tackle the problem of dandruff, try shampoos with Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT), as it is a fast-acting option to treat your flaky and itchy scalp” says Dr Guha.

2. Shampoo at regular intervals

Shampooing can help remove both dandruff and excess oil from your scalp. So, It is good to wash your hair thrice a week with an effective dandruff shampoo to keep your dandruff under control.

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First thing that can treat an itchy scalp is a shampoo. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Scalp scrubbing is vital

A fast relief option, scrubbing helps to detoxify, remove dead skin, and re-hydrate your scalp. After scrubbing and shampooing, do remember to apply a conditioner to moisturize your hair and prevent any itching.

4. Opt for regular oil massages

Scalp hydration is essential. You can massage your scalp with a few drops of nourishing oil to re-hydrate and nourish your dry scalp. Dr Guha suggests choosing a nourishing, lightweight hair oil for scalp massage and rinsing it off the next day. There are multiple options like coconut oil, rosemary oil, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, to help tackle your itchy scalp.

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Nothing beats the good old oil champi. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Use gentle brushing for scalp massage

Brushing is an easy choice to massage your scalp. It helps to improve blood circulation and helps with natural oil secretion. However, opt for gentle brushing and do not brush your hair vigorously.

6. Avoid scratching

Scratching your scalp may injure it and also cause a burning sensation, bleeding, etc. It can even lead to infections. So, control your urge to scratch.

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Scratching your scalp will aggravate hair problems and cause hair loss too. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

7. Improve your diet

Dr Guha shares, “Over-secretion of sebaceous glands is also a cause of dandruff. Making changes in your diet can reduce oil production and control your dandruff. Consumption of an adequate quantity of vitamin B and zinc might also help. Also, don’t forget to drink at least eight glasses of water per day to keep your whole body hydrated.”

8. Consult your dermatologist

If your home remedies are insufficient to relieve your itchy scalp issue, it is better to consult a dermatologist. Instead of experimenting and further worsening your condition, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

To deal with a flaky scalp, you need to follow a regular hair care routine that includes scrubbing, shampooing, conditioning, oiling, and massaging with products that suit your hair type. Your hair and scalp need regular maintenance with proper hair care as per their style and texture.

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