8 mistakes you must avoid to baby proof your home and prevent accidents

Have a toddler at home who has an exploratory streak? Does he or she try to touch and fiddle with things all around the house? Well, a toddler is a very good explorer. Each and every object is a new thing for them and they want to explore anything that interests them. They are mainly attracted to objects with bright and flashy colours such as red, and they are also attracted to any sharp objects that may have fallen on the floor. Toddlers can try to use these objects and hurt themselves. So, to avoid any accidents, you must try your best to baby proof your house.

8 tips to baby proof your home

Dr Ravishankar Marpalli, Head of Paediatrics, SS SPARSH Hospital, suggests the following things you should keep in mind to keep your child safe at home.

1. Avoid mistakes related to electrical sockets

One of the most common accidents that can happen are when children insert their finger into electric sockets that are situated at lower levels. There is a high possibility of toddlers putting their fingers in the socket and getting electrocuted. Charging cables left unattended or plugged to a socket is also a concern. Toddlers tend to put the cable in their mouth.

2. Keep medicines away

Another common mistake that people make in making their house baby proof is leaving prescribed medicine boxes or tablets in front of the child. Toddlers tend to swallow these pills. Earlier, mothers used to take iron tablets during their second or third pregnancy. These pills were usually in red colour which attracts the toddler and they tend to swallow it. This can lead to an episode of iron poisoning. Don’t let the babies chew on things not meant for them. Feed these iron-rich foods for toddlers instead!

baby mistakes
Babies can be super naughty. Keep a check. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Kerosene in a different bottle

When kerosene is kept in a different bottle (such as Coca-Cola or any other soda bottle), the toddler can consume the liquid which can lead to Kerosene poisoning. This is mainly seen in lower income families.

4. Furniture placement

The placement of furniture at home needs to right to baby proof the house. The sharp edges of the furniture can result in a head injury.

5. Height of bed

A toddler can severely hurt themselves when the parents leave the toddler unattended. For example,if the toddler is in bed unattended, they can either fall or jump off the bed, leading to an injury. Parents must make sure the height of the bed or cot is not more than 1 feet. Healthy sleeping habits for a children are the path to a healthy and happier future.

sleeping tips for babies
Make sure a baby’s cot or bed is at a comfortable height! Image courtesy: ShutterstockImage courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Staircases and open balconies

Families living in apartments must be cautious of staircases/open balconies. Children tend to fall or hurt themselves. Children also tend to put their feet, hands and head in between the balcony grills. This can lead to falling or severe injuries when unattended. During the pandemic, this was the most common accident seen in households with a toddler. We saw a minimum of 1 case per week.

7. Ferocious dogs

Friendly dogs are ideal for a house with a toddler. Toddlers are unable to handle or pet a dog the right way, and ferocious dogs tend to bite back when they are not pet the right way. It’s good to be cautious if and when you’re trying to baby proof the house.

8. Swallowing batteries

Swallowing small batteries is another accident toddlers can face. When small alkaline batteries are swallowed, it enters the food pipe or the oesophagus and then the stomach. It can cause an injury, perforation or a hole in the oesophagus. This is quite dangerous and it has to be handled very quickly.

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