7 skincare tips for monsoon to help you with the changing season

We’re moving from summer to monsoon, and with change in every season, your skincare too needs an upgrade. It is similar to the concept of how we don’t wear the same colours, don’t eat the same food and don’t drink the same cocktail every season. So, if you are looking at amping up your skin routine to meet the new season’s needs, here are a few lifestyle hacks and skincare tips to look the best version of yourself.

1. Eat seasonal foods 

Healthy skin is a gift of being healthy inside. So to help your skin glow and cope with the changing season, it is important to include seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet. When we say seasonal, we mean everything that is fresh and locally available. From cucumber, brinjal, jackfruit, gourds, and okra to fruits like melon, Indian blackberry, palm fruit, mango and pineapple, all the season’s foods should be part of your diet.

2. Work on skin hydration 

skin hydration
Stay hydrated to get healthy skin. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Moisturizer is important but hydrating your skin from the inside is a necessity. Over the years, a lot of emphasis has been made on the importance of drinking water for good skin health. However, there are times when the human body is not able to retain or optimize the water intake. Drink your water, but don’t shy away from opting for skin hydration products, serums and therapies for better results. 

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3. Sunscreen is always in

One thing that remains constant every season is the usage of sunscreen but only a few people follow this. Sunscreen should always be applied whether you step outdoors or not. So, even if you are inside, a SPF 30 sunscreen is a minimum. Ideally, a SPF 50 is highly recommended for Indian skin type as it helps block 98 percent of UVB radiation. Also, there is SPF 50 PA+++ that provides protection from UVA rays.

4. Topical application of vitamin C

Out of so many vitamins and minerals we eat, vitamin C is something our body cannot produce on its own. It is advisable to include it in your skincare routine, if you are concerned about dark spots, pigmentation, and dull face. Topical application of antioxidants like vitamin C can help you achieve a flawlessly shining, healthy and clear skin. 

5. Cleanse and exfoliate  

This is the most inevitable part of a good skincare routine. For healthy skin, always wash your face at least two times a day and exfoliate the skin at least two times a week. It definitely depends on the skin type what kind of cleanser and exfoliator is advisable.

what is PHA
Cleanse and exfoliate your skin regularly! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Go easy on make-up 

Like skincare, your makeup too should be season friendly. Stick to light-weight makeup. There are beauty brands with non-comedogenic range, which are paraben and chemical free. A minimal makeup will help your skin breathe free.

7. Consult a dermatologist

Every skin type is different and so are their needs. Instead of starting a DIY project every season, talk to your dermatologist. Let them assist your skin and create a treatment plan that best meets your skin requirements and goals. 

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