7 Instagram accounts to follow for advice on sex

The world of social media has opened the doors to discussions which often remained in the precincts of one’s bedroom. If not that, it would be a self-talk session, or an online search! Talks about intimate health and sex have found a new voice thanks to social media. We have influencers who are using their social media accounts to educate others and normalize conversations about things that matter, but aren’t talked about enough. Sexual and intimate health certainly finds a spot in a list of such things. Well, if you want to educate yourself on these topics and looking for some advice and information, head to these Instagram accounts.

There are many influencers and pages which regularly post videos and reels on Instagram to speak about topics like sex, pleasure, masturbation, vaginal hygiene, infection, and condoms. They can be a big help for you to enhance your knowledge.

Scroll down for 7 Instagram accounts that you must follow to get advice on intimate health and better sex.

1. Seema Anand

Seema Anand, a Kamasutra expert, author, mythologist, storyteller, and a pleasure-focused sex educator, is making the right kind of noise about sexual health and intimate health-related issues that most women/girls may not often even talk about to their friends! True to her bio, if you visit her Instagram account, you will find multiple reels and posts which are based on the concept of sensuality and pleasure. You’ll find everything from tips to deep insights about female pleasure.

2. Leeza Mangaldas

Leeza, a sex positive content creator, has taken a bold step to discuss sex and related topics. Her Instagram bio reads; “Imagine a world where all sexual experiences are consensual, safe and pleasurable.” And therefore, she believes in creating a safe environment for girls and women where they can express their concern and feelings freely without feeling trapped. Her page approaches topics like sex, pleasure, contraception, and intimate health.

3. Karishma Swarup

When it comes to sexual and intimate health, people often fall for myths and misinformation. That’s why you need the right source of information. Karishma Swarup, a sex educator, busts myths about sex, condoms, orgasm and virginity. She also explains people about their intimate parts and how they actually work. She allows you to explore information on everything – from intimate hygiene, sexual pleasure to how to have safe intercourse. Her page is full of information that can help you free yourself from sexual shame, by increasing self love.

4. Dr Tanaya Narendra

Never too late to know your vagina! In fact, with Dr Tanaya, also known as Dr Cuterus on Instagram, it is very easy. Popular as a millennial doctor, she regularly posts questions and answers sessions and Instagram lives where she educates people about their vaginal and sexual health. Her page is full of information regarding safe sex, masturbation, vaginal hygiene, use of sex toys, pleasure, intimacy, and menstruation. Both her parents are fertility specialists, and she believes that having open conversations is the best way to start.

5. Emily Depasse

As a sexually active person, you know you could be susceptible to an infection if you don’t practice safe sex! A sex educator and writer, Emily Depasse is working towards changing or redefining the narratives around Sexual Transmitted infection (STI) and relationships. Her goal is to get people talking more confidently and inclusively about sex and sexual health related issues. On her social feeds, you’ll find tips or ways to deal with such intimate health issues and how to respond when you find out your partner has an STI.

6. Dr Varuna Srinivasan

Dr Varuna Srinivasan is quite popular on Instagram and is educating people on sex. On her Insta feed, you’ll find interesting reels and posts about sex, gender, pleasure, intimate health, sex toys, and many more. Her journey as bisexual inspired her to spread awareness around sex education and encourage people to come forward and speak their truth. Her aim is to empower all individuals by providing stigma free education. Do visit her page once!

7. Neha Bhat

Neha Bhat is a sex-focused trauma therapist, who is also a writer and writes on topics like sex, culture, and relationship. Her Instagram page is to educate people to enjoy sex while dealing with mental health problems which can be due to sexual abuse. Her account is helpful for women and girls who are looking forward to resolving their mental health issues, and overcoming the trauma. By breaking the stigma around mental health, she talks about sexual wellness. This page is safe and with the right advice.

So ladies, do visit these profiles and improve your know your sexual and intimate health better.

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