5 must-have skin care ingredients recommended by Dr Blossom Kochhar

From vitamin C to Alpha-hydroxy acids, market shelves are full of skin care products boasting a variety of ingredients. But how would you know what to pick and what to skip ? Don’t worry! Help is here to choose the best skin care ingredients, thanks to Dr Blossom Kochhar, a veteran in the Indian beauty industry.

“Skin care varies from individual to individual. This makes it impossible to devise a cure-all for a blemish-free, glowing and healthy skin. A product which proves to be a boon for oily skin, can have a detrimental effect on dry skin,” says the chairperson of Blossom Kochhar Group Of Companies.

Some people may be looking for products to reduce wrinkles, while some want to even out their skin tone. Since skin care is very personalized, it becomes imperative to find ingredients suitable to your needs.

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From your face wash to moisturizer, choose your skin care ingredients well. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5 best skin care ingredients and their benefits

1. Collagen :

According to Dr Kochhar, collagen is a type of protein which mainly comprises amino acids, glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. It is responsible for improving skin hydration and elasticity, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. As we age, collagen production in our body slows down. By incorporating it in your skin care products, you can reduce fine lines and keep your skin looking younger.” The market also has collagen supplements.

2. Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is one of the key skin care ingredients which helps in reducing wrinkles. Dr Kochhar says hyaluronic acid is naturally produced in our body. Its core function is to retain water. This helps to keep your tissues adequately lubricated and moist. As you increase the hyaluronic acid levels, it will help you retain the moisture of your skin, making it supple. If you are worried about your aging skin, make sure your skin care products have this.”

3. Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids (AHA and BHA)

“AHA and BHA are the two most common families of exfoliating acids that you will see in skin care products. These are often found together,” shares Dr Kochhar. AHAs are best suited for normal to dry skin and work by peeling away dead skin cells, revealing the fresh new skin cells underneath. Whereas BHAs are for normal to oily skin or skin that is acne-prone. They penetrate below the skin surface as well, exfoliating inside the pores. This allows oil to flow out more freely, preventing the build-up of dead skin and sebum that leads to clogged and stretched-out pores.

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Your skin type may need something special. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Vitamin C:

“If you have tried countless creams and serums to improve your complexion, without visible results, the one ingredient you are missing is vitamin C,” Dr Kochhar points out. Vitamin C for skin care helps to evens out skin tone, reduces the appearance of dark spots, declines premature aging or wrinkles, and aids the production of collagen in our body. “It is also very helpful in treating dull skin and scars,” sha adds.

5. Retinoids

If these term seems like a googly to you, let us simplify this skin care ingredient. Retinoids are derivatives of vitamin A. It is a boon for people who seek anti-aging or acne-fighting elements while choosing skin care products. Retinoids are especially useful for people with oily skin, as it shrinks the pore size and reduces oil production.

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