5 exercises to reduce belly fat and hip fat

If you’re inching towards obesity, or have reached that mark already, you may find fat accumulating mostly around your belly and your hips. While it is necessary that you combat it with the right mix of nutrition and fitness, let us tell you that there are certain exercises that can reduce belly fat and also tone your butt!

Health Shots spoke to fitness professional Vikash Sharma about these exercises which can help reduce belly and hip fat together.

Here are 5 major exercises to lose belly and hip fat:

1. Spot running

Most people don’t have a treadmill at home. But don’t worry, you can do some ‘on the spot running.’ Jogging in one place can leave you with multiple health benefits, including weight loss and a toned bum.

exercises to reduce belly fat
On the spot running can leave you with multiple health benefits. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

This is how you can perform spot running properly:

  • Start running on a place while maintaining a comfortable position.
  • Try to bring your legs as high as you can and speed up your move.
    Tip: The faster the better!
  • Do on the spot running for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • And if you’re a beginner, try jogging as swiftly as you can for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Take a minute break here, sip on some water and get ready for the next round.
  • You need to repeat this cardio circuit for 4 times at least.

2. Inchworm

Although this exercise may appear simple or ineffective, it is nevertheless worthwhile to try. This exercise targets the entire body, including the upper back, arms, chest, belly, and hips.

exercises to reduce belly fat
Perfect exercise for toned bum! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

This is how you can do inchworm properly:

  • Straighten your legs as you stand.
  • Keep your core engaged as you lean forward and place your hands on the ground.
  • Slowly begin to step forward with your hands while keeping your legs still straight.
    Tip: You can bend your knees a little just in case.
  • Walk your hands forward until they are in front of your head in a high plank position.
  • Your feet should still be at the back of the mat.
  • Now begin moving your feet in the direction of your hands. Take small steps.
  • This completes the exercise. Repeat again.

3. Jumping squats

There are multiple variations of squats, but jumping squats are the most popular. Not only will this workout strengthen your weak calves, but it will also help you build muscle, lose weight, and reduce hip fat.

exercises to reduce belly fat
Jumping squats work well to stay in shape. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

This is how you can do jumping squats properly:

  • To begin, position your legs shoulder-width apart in a half squat.
  • Make sure your butt is out and your back is straight.
  • Now take a little jump and land back in a squat position.
  • Now, repeat.

4. Pike push ups

The core and shoulders appear to benefit from this specific exercise. But there are many advantages to it. Regular practice of this exercise will help tighten your glutes and core while also burning a lot of calories to aid in weight loss.

exercises to reduce belly fat
Pike push-ups are the easiest way to get toned belly and bum. Image courtesy: Unsplash

This is how you can do pike push ups properly:

  • Begin in the yoga pose of the downward dog.
  • Make sure your hands and feet are positioned slightly wider than shoulder-width.
  • Keep your heels low, your hips raised, and your body in a “inverted-V” shape.
  • In between your hands, lower your head toward the floor while bending your elbows.
  • For one repetition, push yourself back up to the starting position.
  • Repeat this at least 10-15 times.

5. V-tucks

V tuck is double knee tuck that is an immediate core exercise. This targets belly fat, your core, and your hips. In actuality, a V-tuck might help your shoulders.

exercises to reduce belly fat
Manage those bulges with this exercise. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

This is how you can do V-tucks properly:

  • Beginning with your knees up and your back long, adopt a v-sit position.
  • Lean back and spread your legs while keeping a tight core.
  • Pull your knees back in, fully contract your abs and repeat.

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