Why Do I Want A Boyfriend So Badly And How To Get One


Getting into a relationship and keeping it afloat is not a laidback task at all. It requires a lot of compromises, sacrifice, and dedication, from both sides, and of course sincerity and loyalty too. Getting under the sheets, drinking the night away, and getting intimate is not something that I would call the start of a healthy relationship

First of all, you need to understand each other and see how you guys get along together. Then later, you can have all the fun and make sure that you are carrying it along well. Let’s see Why Do I Want A Boyfriend So Badly And How To Get One. It is not that smooth, but it is also something that you should not be afraid of at all. 

What Do I Need To Reflect Upon Before Going On The Steps To Finally Have A Boyfriend?

Having a boyfriend to kill your boredom or just to pass your time is certainly not the right thing to do. Having someone in your life to share and care about different aspects of the daily routine is a real job. So you should focus on developing your agenda of maintaining a relationship before having a boyfriend. 

Do you miss the presence of some special man in your life? Especially during birthdays, Valentine’s Day, summer holidays, New Year vacations, etc.? Do you want to take care of someone and have someone, who you can cherish for the rest of your life – in the form of a potential partner? If you have these thoughts in your mind then it is about time that you start looking for a boyfriend. 

Trust me, it will bring emotional stability to your life and also fill that void that you have been experiencing for a while.

How do I know if I Need/want a Boyfriend, or it’s just Because of Another Reason?

After reflecting on your inner thoughts, you need to come down to the actual reason for wanting a boyfriend in your life. I have shared a few possible reasons above and there could be other possibilities too. Here, I have included a few interesting quizzes that you can take online to find out the reason behind wanting a boyfriend.
Hope you find the answer.

Do You Need A Boyfriend? Take Our Quiz!

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Should You Get A Boyfriend?

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What Are The Possible Reasons Why I Want A Boyfriend So Badly (Even If I’m Already Happy With Myself)?

Most of the single women, who work hard and keep themselves busy, are quite happy with themselves. Their solo status doesn’t bother them even if their family or friends keep on bugging them. Without any doubt, single life has its perks, and feeling independent and strong is one of the best experiences. 

But at one point in your life, you will want to meet someone special so that you can get into a relationship. It doesn’t mean that you are getting bored or not doing well at life, but the thing is that you feel like there is something incomplete. Let’s have a look at some possible reasons that make you want a boyfriend. 

1. you are looking forward to settling down

Like having babies and a complete family, maybe that is what you want in your life. This is more than a mere commitment to a relationship, as you are looking further and want to spend your future together and have kids and plan everything in one place. It is a comforting and sweet feeling that makes you think of all the good things that you can enjoy by having a family. 

2. You are looking forward to having a best friend

Yeah, a best friend and a life partner, with whom you can share everything! You must be having some guy and girlfriends, but that doesn’t complete your existence. You want someone to be your side for the whole time and that is only possible if you have a boyfriend. You can easily share all the secrets and plans of your life with him and feel satisfied and complete. 

3. You are looking forward to falling in love

Without love, anything done is incomplete and unsatisfactory. Maybe, you are looking forward to feeling what it is like falling and love and caring for someone to the extent that he means the world to you. It is a divine feeling, which is better experienced than related. And for falling in love you will need to come across a prince charming, who can make you feel special and adored. But that doesn’t mean that he should be always kneeling in front of you, you need to make him feel like a prince too! 

Being happy and single but still want a boyfriend, I hope you got your answer there. 

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What Are Some Of The Things I Can Do To Get a Boyfriend?

For that, you will need to put in a lot of effort just to make sure that you have the right person in your life. Being alone for a long period can dangerously place you at the level of feeling independent and carefree. 

Just make sure that you do not confuse your emotions or play with someone else’s just to kill time. Keep the commitment focused and oriented. Here is what, you can do to get a boyfriend. 

1. Be confident

Step one of getting a boyfriend is that you genuinely project that you like yourself and confident about it. Plan and exercise the conversation in your mind, before executing it in real life – I mean in front of your potential boyfriend. It is important to get rid of any sort of nervousness and be sure about what you are willing to communicate. Wear clothes that make you feel good and comfortable. Do not hesitate to pick your lucky color, if there is any. 

2. Be social

That is something very easy if you are an extrovert. Look for different activity groups, community classes, or clubs around you. Become a part of different sports events, art classes, or even reading and learning groups. It is important to look for someone at a spot where you both have something in common.  Clubbing is a great medium for starting a conversation with people, who are also looking for someone. You can also make use of social media and get registered with different dating apps where you can easily find and meet people according to your specifications. The possibilities are endless! 

3. Take help

Yes, ask your friends and family members if they can help you get in touch with someone, who is looking for a relationship. Your loved ones know you better than any stranger and they will eventually come up with different suggestions that meet your expectations. If you have a huge social circle it won’t be difficult at all to come across a guy, who could become your boyfriend in the long run. 

Above are the simple steps that you need to take to get a boyfriend. Just make sure that you put in effort and expect the best, always! 

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How do I keep my Relationship Healthy?

If you are getting in a relationship for the first time, I would highly recommend you to go with the flow and keep it slow. There is no need to get emotionally excited or even burdened. Keep your cool. Alright it is happening for the very first time and you are clueless about a lot of things, but having a composed approach will help in keeping the relationship uncomplicated.

I would place a strong emphasis on staying in touch and communicating every feeling in the best possible way. Lack of communication destroys a relationship to an unprecedented extent. And you certainly can’t afford any sort of emotional setbacks. So try to convey how you feel about certain things that are linked with your relationship. 

Always be compassionate and responsible so that your boyfriend gets a clear signal from your side that you are serious about this relationship. To keep your relationship healthy, you will need to play a prominent role especially when it comes to keeping promises and being loyal. There is no compromise over that. 


I hope that in this read, why do I Want a Boyfriend So Badly and How to Get One, has helped in clearing any sort of doubts that you were carrying. Being in a relationship for the first time or after a very long pause can be somewhat challenging. You keep on learning and evolving and that is what makes you a wise owl in the end. With the condition that you do not repeat the mistakes of the past! 

So what are you waiting for? Get into the boat, navigate carefully, and see where the tides take you to.