The one anal sex tip you don’t want to miss!

Experimentation is one secret to better sex. While some couples may still prefer the traditional vaginal sex, many aren’t shying away from taking the anal sex route for their share of pleasure. Whatever you choose, it’s better you keep it wet ‘n’ wild!

Didn’t get it, folks? We’re talking about using a lubricant, which was once duly touted as the “unsung hero” of sexual wellness by popular sex positive content creator Leeza Mangaldas.

A naturally lubricated vagina is a win-win! Fluid arising out of the cervix and extra secretions from the Bartholin glands when a woman is aroused, lead to this lubrication which helps to reduce friction during sex. However, it’s not remotely the same when it comes to anal sex.

Why is lubricant important during anal sex

Anal sex is typically defined as sex with penetration in the anus, instead of the vagina.

In a recent Instagram post, Dr Niveditha Manokaran, a sexual Health physician known by the moniker @dr_nive_untaboos, touched upon the importance of lubricants especially during anal sex.

“Use plenty of lubricants during anal sex, since the anus does not self lubricate like the vagina,” she suggested in a post, which addressed certain facts about anal sex which is agnostic to gender and sexual preference.

lubricant for sex
A lubricant helps to cut down friction during sex. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Various studies have raised a concern about use of lubricants during anal sex as it may increase risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Anal sex itself has been deemed a “highly efficient mode of HIV transmission” on the basis of studies. That apart, cultural taboos surrounding this intercourse style as well as the perception around its lack of hygiene, has left many people wonder if anal sex is safe.

But for those who don’t mind exploring it in a safe and pleasurable way, it is important to note that the friction during sex can lead to tears. Haven’t we all learnt how the wetter the sex is, the better it is. Besides, the skin around the anus is not just delicate, but it’s also a tighter door to enter in!

If you’re thinking whether you can use your saliva instead of a water or oil-based lubricant, wait till you read this!

What are some more facts about anal sex?

1. It’s normal

Anal sex can be as normal as vaginal sex and oral sex for some people. “It is normal to have anal sex,” writes Dr Manokaran in response to the question, “Does it make me gay if I want to have anal sex?”

At the same time, she says, “Anal sex is not for everyone.” It’s as much a choice as oral sex is. Some people like it, some people don’t.

2. Condom use:

As per Dr Manokaran, using a condom can reduce the risk of acquiring STIs during anal sex. This is because it has a tendency to easily cause breaks in the skin.

condom during anal sex
Using a condom is a must! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Heterosexuals enjoy it too

Unlike common perception, it’s not just for the homesexuals or bisexuals. Dr Manokaran says it can be practiced by straight couples who love to explore their sexual desires using fingers, anal toys or even pegging.

All in all, whatever is the way you choose to explore, sexual pleasure, a word of advise: please ensure it’s safe and

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