Female Kama Sutra – Sexual Satisfaction for Women

Its all about what women want out of sexual relationships. The kama sutra talks [actually preaches] about the satisfaction of the males in sexual unions without the female satisfaction being considered. Today, females have taken their sexual destinies into their own hands and are no longer docile in sexual matters. Women have started talking about what they want out of sex and love making and the more daring among the female folk have actually started getting what they want out of sex and sexual relationships. More women are walking out from relationships that fail to satisfy them sexually and moving into better sexually satisfying relationships. Love making ought to be enjoyed by all parties to it and not one party to the exclusion of the other.

The agitation for sexual satisfaction for women is a healthy development and discerning men are now realizing that sex does not end with their ejaculation or orgasm. Besides, what manner of sexual satisfaction will a woman get out of 2 minutes of copulation? Most men do not even last that long inside a woman. Such sex leaves the woman dissatisfied and empty, devoid of any form of joy from an otherwise joyful situation.

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Lovemaking is not a momentary action. Lovemaking and sexual satisfaction takes hours to build up from the female perspective. The best sexual organ of the body, the brain, prepares you several hours before the actual physical sexual copulation happens. Women want to be talked to or, rather, communicated with sexually long before the actual sex. Women want to be satisfied sexually. They do not want to be treated as objects for the satisfaction of the males as the kama sutra made them out to be. Male sexual satisfaction is necessary but women also want their satisfaction out of the same sex.

Women want to be given their due sexual enjoyment. Sex is a fact of life no doubt about that. Sex and lovemaking is the spice of life. Sex [very good considerate sex] is as natural as walking, sleeping and breathing. Sex and lovemaking is the lifeblood and the bond that holds together men and women — marriages and relationships. The ultimate expression of intimacy, sex also is the core of procreation, the way humanity ensures that the human race continues. And for most couples, sex is a source of enjoyment and fellowship. So, why should the womenfolk be denied their enjoyment and fellowship from sex?

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Female Kama Sutra – What Today’s Woman Wants from Sex

The following are what women want from sex and how they want to be treated prior and after sex. When you give your woman what she wants, you are promoting female kama sutra, the sexual satisfaction for women:

  • sex is a seduction of the mind – mental foreplay is crucial to sexual satisfaction for a woman.
  • women want to be romanced and courted always – women want to know that they are always relevant in your life. Court women with affection and communication.
  • flatter your woman with desire – perceived desire does wonders to the female psyche.
  • women want to be pampered and cherished. Occasional flowers and “I Love You” texts or calls or cards are important to women.
  • a loving and considerate man who is not afraid to explore the female anatomy and break sexual boundaries to the female multiple orgasm
  • a man who is macho enough to help the woman out with perceived female chores.
  • a man who knows how to give the females sexual satisfaction always.
  • a man who can give head is a darling always.
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Give your woman sexual satisfaction today and join in writing the female kama sutra that will be read tomorrow. Do not deny the women sexual satisfaction.

Source by Nnamdi Agha

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