China warns coronavirus becoming more infectious – here’s how Australia’s handling cases | ABC News

Chinese authorities are warning that the deadly coronavirus is becoming more infectious, as countries around the world scramble to limit the outbreak.

China’s national health commission has revealed the virus can be transmitted during the incubation period, before symptoms even appear.

The death toll stands at 80, with close to 3,000 cases confirmed.

In Wuhan — the centre of the outbreak — two new hospitals are being built to treat victims.

Around 100 Australian children are believed to be stranded in the region, which is under lockdown and the Government is working with Chinese authorities to get them out.

Four cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Australia, and that number is expected to rise.

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There remains three confirmed cases of the Wuhan coronavirus in New South Wales, with health authorities investigating a fourth patient.

The state’s chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant says a range of measures are in place to promptly identify cases.

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