Can I Date Without Sex?

Sex is an act between two consenting adults and if either of the partners does it against the will of the other, then it becomes rape. Sex can also be seen as a mutual agreement between two matured minds.

Sex is a terrific experience that has been ordained by God. It becomes unholy, unlawful, immoral when it is practised premaritally. Premarital $ex has now become a common phenomenon among young people, that it is seen as a sign of love. There has been so many campaigns against $ex before marriage, even the Holy books clearly kicked against it, yet single men and women ignorantly and blindfoldedly go into premarital $ex.

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This argument on premarital $ex could go on till infinity, because there are a million and one single men and women out there, who believe they must have $ex with whoever they are dating. To many people $ex is a way of showing commitment, a sign of love and pleasure.

So many young people have misconstrued the idea of $ex and many singles believe it is an act of love. Most singles fail to realise that $ex is not love and love is not $ex.

There are so many reasons why single men and women should stay out of premarital $ex until they are married. One of the reasons is that;

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1. Premarital $ex is a sin before God Almighty. God supports and encourages $ex when it is being practise in marriage.

2. Another reason against premarital $ex is the contraction of deadly infections or $exually transmitted diseases.

3. Premarital $ex also leads to unwanted pregnancy.

To some people the two consequences above could be avoided by practising safe $ex. But above all God Almighty frowns at $ex before marriage.

Often curiosity pushes one to $ex. It starts with the question; What do they have underneath the clothes? Also, the irresistible feminine endowment in women attracts some men for $ex.

For most men, it is for pleasure and for a few women, it is out of love. Gone are the days when anyone would be forced to practise no marriage no $ex relationship.

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Although some churches and other religious groups preach against $ex before marriage, the number of young men and women involved in $ex on daily basis in religious organisations is alarming.

But, is it possible to date without $ex? That is a question that will be mutually answered by two persons involved in the affair and not a counsellor.

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