Avoid giving these milk combinations to your kids for their health’s sake

Our children are always notorious and try to keep away from healthy food in order to dive into processed foods. As mothers, we want nothing but the good health of our children, and we try our best to stuff them with healthy treats. Sometimes it could be a big glass of milk, a healthy salad, or a bowl full of fruits. However, little do we realise that sometimes the combination in which we give them certain foods can prove detrimental to their health. For instance, fruit and dairy combinations never ever go well together. These can cause instant food poisoning in an infant, severe tummy aches, celiac, and more issues. Here are some milk combinations you must avoid for kids.

Recently, Ayurvedic and gut health coach Dimple Jangda, took to her social media to share that mothers should avoid these unhealthy food combinations strictly in their children. Read on to know what she shared!

Dairy and these fruits as a combination are a no-no

As per the expert, these 3 food combinations should always be avoided.

unhealthy food combinations
Milk and fruits – a duo for the kill. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

1. Milk and grapes

When eating grapes, avoid milk within the same hour. The milk protein will solidify when it comes into contact with the fruit acid and vitamin C in grapes, causing gastrointestinal pain and diarrhea.

2. Milk and melons

Milk is a high-fat, high-protein food. If you eat watermelon, and musk-melon and drink milk at the same time, the acid in the watermelon may bind the protein in the milk. The milk will most likely curdle and possibly ferment. This is why you can feel ill after consuming these food groups together.

3. Milk and citric fruits

Citric foods like oranges, lemons, tangerine, limes, tomatoes, and tamarind have vitamin C in them, and these fruits cause the milk to curdle. Remember to keep at least an hour’s gap between the two foods.

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Furthermore, she narrated an incident that provoked her to share her thoughts on this subject. Her caption reads, “In my clinic, I noticed my therapist give a couple of grapes to her 11-month-old as a snack. When I asked her if she just had milk, we immediately took away the grapes. But even that one grape had done the damage. That night, the infant cried all night from painful cramps. Such small mistakes can cause grave injuries to a child’s gut”.

unhealthy food combinations
Mixing fruits and milk is not a good idea. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Keep these rules in mind while making juices and smoothies

1. Make juice with organic fruits and vegetables
2. Vegetables that can be juiced together are the juicy ones that have an outer layer: Ash gourd, bottle gourd, carrot, celery sticks, and beetroot.
3. Fresh juices: Do not mix fruits with vegetables or dairy products. Make a single fruit juice at a time. You can add nut milk and dry fruits as they come from the same food group as fruits. Fruits that can be juiced include green or red apples, oranges, pineapple, watermelon, lemons and lime, grapes, guava, and almost any fruit as long as it is not mixed with other food groups.

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